CPR SYSTEMS Metal Pretreatment Application

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CPR SYSTEMS Metal Pretreatment Installations


Spray Wand Phosphate Cleaning Video

A short video demonstrating our high-pressure, hot water, spray wand phosphate cleaning method. Large metal products are cleaned and phosphated in one step using a spray wand removing dirt, grease and surface rust. This process leaves behind a phosphate coated part ready for paint.

G&D Integrated In-Plant Demo Video

Take a tour of G&D Integrated's product paint line. Here you will see how the CPR SYSTEMS high pressure phosphate pretreatment system with recycling plays a large role pretreating their products for paint.

Interstate Mfg. In-Plant Demo Video

Interstate Mfg. is a leading trailer manufacturer located in South West, Michigan. Watch as we demonstrate the CPR SYSTEM'S cleaning application. We walk through their equipment room which is located adjacent to their wash bay.

CPR SYSTEM Brochure Video

Discover how the CPR SYSTEM can change your metal pretreatment process. The CPR SYSTEM boasts typical 80% chemical usage reduction over regular wash and dump methods and 95% water waste reduction when utilizing the CPR SYSTEM closed-loop recycling system.