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High Pressure Pretreatment With Recycling For Large Metal Products

High Pressure, Spray Wand Metal Cleaning

If unmatched quality and zero rejects are your expectations for your finished large parts, CPR SYSTEMS™ delivers. A high-pressure hot water bath containing PhosBite 101, a no-rinse cleaner/phosphate developed exclusively by CPR SYSTEMS,™ is applied to the metal part using a spray wand attached to the Bondtite unit. A zirconium phosphate bath is used for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

Spray Wand Phosphate Or Zirconium Pretreatment

This process not only cleans better than most other methods, but leaves behind a conversion coating that significantly improves paint adhesion, deters flash rusting and corrosion, increases salt spray times, and significantly reduces your rejected parts rates. The finish quality on the products you deliver to your customers will be among the best. That translates to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.

“We were sand blasting our large parts and solvent wiping the others. With the addition of the CPR high pressure phosphate system we eliminated solvent wiping and all our parts are now cleaned and phosphated. Parts that still have a sand blast spec are now blasted then phosphated giving us the best of both.

This not only reduced our blasting cost but eliminated the use of hazardous chemicals for cleaning sheet metal parts. We have done this with zero discharge into the sewer system.”Roger Kroes, Operations Manager, Sharp Iron Group

Superior Metal Cleaning Performance

Quickly remove surface rust, welding smut, grease and dirt.

  • Designed up-front for future expansion
  • Up to 4,000 PSI cleaning pressure at 180 degrees
  • Cleaning power of a 5-stage washer in your hand
  • Improve paint adhesion on metal substrates
  • Speed up pre-treatment time and labor
  • Improve corrosion resistance
  • No flash rust for 14 days at 50% humidity
  • Built for years of dependable service

Spray Wand Metal Cleaning Wash Video

Watch the CPR high-pressure spray wand phosphating application in action. One step metal cleaning and pretreatment.

Bondtite High Performance Wash System

Increase production and salt spray test times.

Metal Finishing Equipment Image

Up to 4,000 PSI, 180 degrees Fahrenheit

On demand heat, time delayed shut off

Stainless steel design for longevity

LP or natural gas fired heat exchanger

Up to 4 Bondtite washers per system