Metal Finishing Environmental Compliance

CPR SYSTEM uses a proprietary closed-loop recycling process to reclaim and reuse the wash solution.

Zero Discharge, Closed Loop Recycling

Most people think metal pretreatment environmental compliance is expensive. Most of the time it is. Their are a few exceptions and the CPR SYSTEM is one of them. The CPR SYSTEM closed loop recycling system eliminates waste water discharge, hauling and evaporation. No longer will you have to pay expensive fines due to dumping or pay expensive hauling and disposal fees. The CPR SYSTEM reduces chemical usage by up to 80 percent over typical wash and dump methods.

Think of the savings. If you are currently washing your large metal products with a solvent or phosphate based pretreatment chemical but not recycling your wash bath you are wasting thousands of dollars a year. The savings are so great that the typical ROI on new CPR capital equipment is with-in the first 18 months of usage.

  • Reduce water usage by 95%
  • Reduce phosphate and zirconium consumption by 80%
  • Eradicate waste water discharge
  • Eliminate waste water hauling and evaporation
  • Eliminate waste water monitoring and reporting

Reduce Risk Of Municipal Fines And Penalties

With the CPR high pressure phosphate process solvent wiping is eliminated removing solvent based VOC emissions, labor, rag disposal and solvent usage. If you are currently discharging, evaporating or having your wash water hauled off for disposal a CPR SYSTEM will eliminate discharge permits, reduce water consumption and chemical usage. The high pressure hot water phosphate bath leaves a clean, pretreated phosphate part ready for paint. Our phosphate bath increases paint adhesion and salt spray test times.