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High Pressure Pretreatment With Recycling For Large Metal Products

Phosphate Or Zirconium Recycling

Because CPR SYSTEMS uses a proprietary closed-loop recycling process to reclaim and reuse the wash solution, sewer discharge is eliminated. Therefore, this system is environmentally compliant…no permitting, treating, monitoring and record-keeping of industrial wastewater is required.

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Let us show you how the CPR one step, zero discharge metal pretreatment system works.

If you currently use solvent wiping as your pre-treatment method, converting to CPR SYSTEMS will remove toxic health threats to your employees and fire hazards associated with solvents. No VOC emissions, no volatile fumes, fewer lost labor hours due to work-related health issues.

“With the CPR SYSTEM we exceeded our goals by lowering air emissions, reducing labor and other costs resulting from the cleaning process while improving our products's finish. We now recycle our wash water without discharging to the environment while using a minimal amount of phosphate chemical...”Chris Hamlin, President, Interstate Manufacturing Inc.

Metal Pretreamtent Benefit Chart

Zero Discharge | Closed-Loop Recycling

Eliminate Discharge Permitting And Reduce Chemical Usage

“CPR SYSTEMS installed the CPR Closed Loop Wash System at Lacay Fabrication in January of 1996. This has reduced our hazardous chemical usage by 40 percent. As a result, Lacay Fabrication no longer files for a Title 5 air pollution permit. Some of the benefits of the phosphate wash system are as follows: cleaner parts, better paint adhesion, less hazardous chemicals purchased, less manpower to clean parts, less hazardous waste materials. I estimate that we saved $30,000.00 per year since we have installed this system...”George H. Porter, Plant Manager, Lacay Fabrication

  • Typical 80% chemical reduction
  • Water reduction greater than 95%
  • Closed-looped recycling system
  • No contaminated waste water discharge
  • No monitoring or waste water permitting required
  • Eliminate dangerous solvents and related hazards
  • Eliminate VOC emissions and rag disposal costs
  • Reduce health hazards for employee operators
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