Metal Finishing Equipment

One Step, Zero Discharge Metal Pretreatment Equipment

Metal Finishing Equipment

The CPR SYSTEM provides the cleaning quality of a 5 stage washer in the palm of your hand. With on demand heat, auto shut-off, auto collection and seamless recycling the CPR system is designed for ease of use. From layout configurations to specialty filtration and wash equipment we have pretreatment specialists on staff to tackle your tough pretreatment needs. Our metal pretreatment recycling equipment is large enough to handle flow rates up to 20 gallons per minute and 4 separate Bondtite phosphate washers.

  • Spray wand phosphate or zirconium pretreatment
  • On demand heat, Auto shut-off
  • Auto wash water collection and transfer
  • Seamless filtration and recycling
  • Custom and scalable layouts

Bondtite Spray Wand Phosphate or Zirconium Washer

The CPR SYSTEM Bondtite Phosphate or Zirconium high pressure washer utilize an on demand heated water, chemical solution. PhosBite 101, a no-rinse cleaner / phosphate developed specifically for the CPR SYSTEM removes oil, grease and dirt to provide a clean phosphates product. The phosphate solution chemically bonds an iron phosphate coating to the metal part to deter flash rusting, improve paint adhesion and increase salt spray test times.

ZBite 101 is our new Zirconium based cleaner and pretreatment solution for aluminum products. This chemical was designed for use with the CPR SYSTEM and provides another option for metal fabricators looking for a Zirconium based pretreatment option.

MDL 20 | MDL 10 Phosphate And Zirconium Recycling Equipment

After application the wash water and phosphate or zirconium solution are collected in closed-loop sump basins and transported to the CPR metal recycling equipment. Seated on a stainless steel platform the CPR recycling equipment filters the wash bath below 20 microns by removing oils / solids and other contaminates using separation, filtration, aeration and other proprietary technologies. This filtered wash bath is stored in collection waiting for on demand heat and usage.