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High Pressure Pretreatment With Recycling For Large Metal Products

Improve Metal Paint Adhesion

If your company manufactures large metal products, you know first-hand the importance of a quality finish and the challenges of preparing parts for maximum coating adhesion. To achieve this, many metal fabricators use time-consuming, labor-intensive, expensive and environmentally non-compliant pretreatment methods.

CPR SYSTEMS offers a better option . . . a system that not only cleans and degreases in one step but also applies a phosphate or zirconium coating on the metal substrate that helps bond the coating to the metal and improves corrosion resistance.

Metal Surface Preparation

CPR SYSTEMS high-pressure spray wand phosphate cleaning method with wash bath recycling delivers the power of a five-stage cleaner in a compact, adaptable configuration that increases productivity, reduces operating costs, and ensures environmental compliance.

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Take a tour of G&D Integrated's paint preparation line featuring a CPR high pressure phosphating wash system with recycling.

Phosphate Metal Pretreatment In One Step

Deter Corrosion And Increase Salt Spray Test Times

“Our goal was to improve our finishing department. The CPR SYSTEM did this for us by eliminating solvent wiping and speeding up the overall operation. We now clean and phosphate our products for improved coating performance. The recycling system has eliminated the environmental issues when using a phosphate pretreatment product.”Jim Liggett, President, Ropes Courses Inc
  • Removes Surface Rust
  • Leaves Phosphate Conversion Coating
  • Deter Corrosion
  • Increase Salt Spray Salt Times
  • Increase Paint Adhesion
  • Reduce Labor Costs
Metal Pretreatment Wash System Layout

Phosphate Or Zirconium Pretreatment

Efficient Cleaning Power In The Wash Solution

PhosBite 101
Phosphate Conversion Coating
  • Phosphate Cleaner / Degreaser
  • Formulated For Reclamation And Recycling
  • Increase Paint Adhesion
  • Optimized For Metal Substrate Coating
  • pH Application Range Of 2.5 To 4%
ZBite 101
Zirconium Conversion Coating
  • Zirconium Cleaner / Degreaser
  • Formulated For Reclamation And Recycling
  • Increase Paint Adhesion
  • Optimized For Aluminum Substrate Coating