About CPR SYSTEM Metal Pretreatment With Recycling

One Step, Zero Discharge Metal Pretreatment With Recycling Equipment

One Step, Zero Discharge Metal Pretreatment

The CPR SYSTEM provides the metal cleaning power of a 5-stage washer in one step leaving a pretreated metal substrate ready for paint. The wash water, including the chemical cleaner, is collected and recycled for continuous use. Designed for large metal products, the CPR SYSTEM's high pressure, phosphate cleaning process is energy efficient, environmental compliant, easy to use and operates on a low chemical consumption platform.

CPR SYSTEM has been installing high pressure, spray wand phosphate pretreatment equipment for metal fabricators since 1989 with our first system still in operation today. We have expanded our unique metal clean, pretreatment and recycling process to aluminum substrate with our available zirconium solution, ZBite 101.

Our metal pretreatment equipment currently operate in manufacturers across North America including Mexico and Canada. We design and install all CPR equipment per your specs and can modify the equipment to meet your unique floor plan and work flow. Our equipment can be installed in plant or inside a transportable container to free up or reduce the equipment footprint inside your existing building.

“We switched from just pressure washing using a degreaser to a CPR phosphate cleaning system with recycling. We greatly reduced our chemical consumption and eliminated discharging any wash waters. We continue to see the savings to this day. We have been using CPR SYSTEMS for over 10 years.”Greg Snyder, President, Car Mate Trailers
“Our goal was to improve our finishing department. The CPR SYSTEM did this for us by eliminating solvent wiping and speeding up the overall operation. We now clean and phosphate our products for improved coating performance. The recycling system has eliminated the environmental issues when using a phosphate pretreatment product.”Jim Liggett, President, Ropes Courses Inc
“We were sand blasting our large parts and solvent wiping the others. With the addition of the CPR high pressure phosphate system we eliminated solvent wiping and all our parts are now cleaned and phosphated. Parts that still have a sand blast spec are now blasted then phosphated giving us the best of both. This not only reduced our blasting cost but eliminated the use of hazardous chemicals for cleaning sheet metal parts. We have done this with zero discharge into the sewer system.”Roger Kroes, Operations Manager, Sharp Iron Group
“With the CPR SYSTEM we exceeded our goals by lowering air emissions, reducing labor and other costs resulting from the cleaning process while improving our products's finish. We now recycle our wash water without discharging to the environment while using a minimal amount of phosphate chemical...”Chris Hamlin, President, Interstate Manufacturing Inc.
“CPR SYSTEMS installed the CPR Closed Loop Wash System at Lacay Fabrication in January of 1996. This has reduced our hazardous chemical usage by 40 percent. As a result, Lacay Fabrication no longer files for a Title 5 air pollution permit. Some of the benefits of the phosphate wash system are as follows: cleaner parts, better paint adhesion, less hazardous chemicals purchased, less manpower to clean parts, less hazardous waste materials. I estimate that we saved $30,000.00 per year since we have installed this system...”George H. Porter, Plant Manager, Lacay Fabrication