The CPR SYSTEM is a metal wash and pretreatment system that recycles the collected wash solution filtering out debris leaving the wash bath solution for reuse. All CPR SYSTEMS are custom built and installed to meet each clients requirements thus all sales are final.

14 Day No Flash Rust Guarantee

The CPR SYSTEM offers a 14 Day No Flash Rust guarantee as providing that the properly cleaned part is stored at a facility with less than 50% humidity.

Zero Discharge

The CPR recycling system employs a closed-loop recycling process. There is no waste water discharge associated with daily usage of this system. This system requires the clean out and disposal of waste water and debris collected in filters on a semi-annual basis. This collection and disposal during system clean out is done based upon several factors such as: system usage, degree of dirt accumulated from environment and parts washed other factors such as client specs. The term zero discharge refers to the process in which all wash water is collected in sump basins in the clients wash bay and sent back to the CPR recycling system for re-use. This process eliminates daily water discharge, evaporation or hauling.