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High Pressure Pretreatment With Recycling For Large Metal Products

Metal Pretreatment And Recycling Systems

One Step Pretreatment With Zero Discharge Recycling

The CPR SYSTEMS meets the cleaning effectiveness of a 5-stage washer in a compact size. This method of high pressure spray wand phosphating increases salt spray test times, alleviates corrosion, provides a 14-day no flash rust at 50% humidity, saves up to 80% of chemicals and 95% of water used in typical wash and dump cleaning methods. A CPR SYSTEMS pays for itself within a short period of time.

  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • 14-Day No Flash Rust Guarantee*
  • Improve Paint Adhesion
  • Increase Corrosion Resistance
  • No Daily Waste Water Discharge
  • Environmentally Compliant
  • Quick Return On Investment

Because CPR SYSTEMS uses a proprietary closed-loop recycling process to reclaim and reuse the wash solution, sewer discharge is eliminated. Therefore, this system is environmentally compliant…no permitting, treating, monitoring and record-keeping of industrial wastewater is required.

“We switched from just pressure washing using a degreaser to a CPR phosphate cleaning system with recycling. We greatly reduced our chemical consumption and eliminated discharging any wash waters. We continue to see the savings to this day. We have been using CPR SYSTEMS for over 10 years.”Greg Snyder, President, Car Mate Trailers

The CPR SYSTEM provides the metal cleaning power of a 5-stage washer in one step leaving a pretreated metal substrate ready for paint. It cleans, degreases and pretreats at 180 degrees with on demand high-pressure, hot water.


The CPR SYSTEM cleans and degreases your large metal product while leaving behind a phosphate conversion coating increasing paint adhesion and salt spray test times. Because the phosphate or zirconium chemical is mixed in with the high pressure wash bath the cleaning and coating process is completed in one step.


The CPR SYSTEM uses a closed-loop, zero discharge recycling process to reclaim, filter and reuse the pretreatment bath. With zero discharge recycling we exceed environmental compliance standards and eliminate waste water discharge, evaporating and hauling.


Exceed Environmental Standards

Closed-Loop Recycling: Continued Savings For The Years To Come

“Our goal was to improve our finishing department. The CPR SYSTEM did this for us by eliminating solvent wiping and speeding up the overall operation. We now clean and phosphate our products for improved coating performance. The recycling system has eliminated the environmental issues when using a phosphate pretreatment product.”Jim Liggett, President, Ropes Courses Inc

  • Over 80% Chemical Reduction
  • Over 95% Water Reduction
  • Improve Corrosion Resistance
  • Zero Water Burn-Off
  • Faster Cleaning Times

Quick ROI

Save your paint line and your bottom line.

On average, CPR customers see a full return on capital equipment in less than 18 months with many years of savings to come…

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