CPR SYSTEM | Phosphate Recycling

High Pressure Spray Wand Phosphate Pretreatment With Recycling

Phosphate Recycling Equipment

With the CPR SYSTEM closed-loop phosphate recycling system you will save up to 80% on your chemical consumption over typical wash and dump methods. Recycling the phosphate wash bath leads to greater than 95% water usage reduction. The CPR SYSTEM has a proprietary filtration process that features separation, aeration, filtration and other technologies to filter the wash bath to less than 20 microns for reuse. This process filters the wash water while keeping the phosphate solution for reuse.

High Pressure Phosphate Pretreatment

CPR SYSTEM metal finishing system is a pretreatment system for large metal products. This phosphate pretreatment method removes surface rust, dirt and welding smut in one step while leaving a phosphate coating on the metal substrate for better paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. The CPR SYSTEM applies the phosphate wash bath at high temperatures and high heat. The high heat help improve drying time while the high pressure provides a superiorly cleaned product.

Phosphate Conversion Coating

The cleaned and phosphated product is typically blown dry with an air hose and shipped to paint. The CPR SYSTEM provides a 14-day no-flash rust guarantee at 50% humidity for 14 days. Although we have a phosphate cleaning solution that was specifically designed for our recycling process the CPR SYSTEM can operate with a wide variety of other phosphate cleaning solutions. Call for details.

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